A concerted attempt has been made by the owner of this Website to source information on this site that is based on the most recent and scientifically valid research literature. However, it should be noted that the scientific evidence base is continually growing and changing. As such, information on this website should be treated as an initial guide only. When seeking help for mental or physical health problems it is recommended that you always first obtain professional advice from a qualified health practitioner in the relevant field. Your GP is a good place to start.

The Website owner operates the Website as an online resource dedicated to the provision of readily accessible information relating to mindfulness training and services of community organisations and practitioners working in the field psychotherapy. Given the changing nature of information, the website owner cannot ensure either the truth or the accuracy of the information provided, or that it is free from error or omission. The information provided on the Website is for educational and personal use of a general nature only and is not intended to replace sound professional or medical advice. Diagnosis of mental health problems requires trained mental health professionals. The information contained within the Website should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders or health problems more generally. Users of this site should consult and follow the advice of their doctor or other health care professional at all times. Every reasonable effort will be made by the owner of this website to keep information up to date as practically possible. It is the full responsibility of the user to ensure they obtain professional health care advice.

It is also advised that people do not embark on attempting mindfulness practices on their own without a clinical assessment from a qualified mental health practitioner, and without instruction and support of a qualified, well trained and experienced practitioner that works in the field. Mindfulness training can be quite challenging, and it is possible that in some cases can lead to aversive experiences. Mindfulness training should therefore be used in relation to specific types of problems where it has been demonstrated to be effective, on the recommendation of qualified mental health professional, and in an appropriate clinical setting where access to support is available.

When using information on this website, the user therefore acknowledges and agrees to all the previous terms of use and disclaimers. The owner of this website in no way takes any personal responsibility or liability for any adverse outcomes that may occur due to errors or omissions on this Website, or in relation to adverse outcomes from mindfulness training or related pratices that may potentially occur.

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Therapists/Practitioners Displayed on this Site

Finally, the website author and owner takes no responsibility whatsover for the the quality of service of any the therapists who have their details posted on this website. Similarly, no responsibility is taken for any adverse outcomes that may be experienced by a person acting as a client to a particular therapist or practitioner, or for the competency, authenticity, actions or any innappropriate behaviour by any of the therapists posting their details and biography of skills on this website. This website merely posts the background and contact details of practitioners provided to the website by the practitioner, and are accepted in good faith. While a reasonable attempt has been made to verify the qualifications, registration details, and experience of all therapists to ascertain they are reasonably accurate and the person has had appropriate training in the field, the website owner cannot unequivocally vouch for their veracity or accuracy, and does not provide any endorsement of the quality or competency of any therapist posted on this website, or provide a guarantee of the bona fide of their qualifications and training. It is the full responsibility of the person seeking help to obtain advice from qualified and experienced professionals (e.g., Doctor’s, Psychologists, Psychiatrists) first and to establish that the practitioner they are intending to see for help is suitably qualified and registered to practice in the field they claim to practice in. Mindfulness training is only suitable for a certain range of problems, and needs to be applied judiciously and in appropriate circumstances with consideration of the full range of factors impinging on an individual. It is not a remedy for all ailments, and in some circumstances may be counterproductive. Hence, you will need to obtain the most appropriate care-plan based on a thorough professional assessment of your situation and needs.


Mark Craigie, Website Author and Owner, 9/12/2010.