Resilience for Work

Our suite of training programs shown below aim to build core resiliency skills so as to minimise the influence of workplace stress, reduce the chance of burnout, and increase performance and well-being. The training consists of 3-core modules that can be tailored to suit your organisation and employee needs. As a whole, we assist people to learn skills that support and enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, intentionality, well-being, positivity, flexible thinking, harmonious relating and task performance. The current research evidence (e.g., Good et al., 2015) suggests that resilience training in the form of learning mindfulness and related skills leads to benefits at the organisational and individual level in terms of:

  • Reduced stress response, negative mood, and greater emotion regulation.
  • Increased focus and concentration.
  • Less automatic and more flexible responding.
  • Increased task performance and productivity.
  • Increased positive emotion, empathy, and harmonious relating.

The framework below may help to illustrate our overarching approach to workplace resilience.

Flourishing Pyramid

Training Objectives: to understand the principles of resilience to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and build skills to support greater mindfulness, well-being,  positivity, work place performance and harmonious passion for work.

Key Learning Outcomes: learn the fundamentals of mindfulness; recognise symptoms of stress and burnout; reduce overall stress and increase vitality; skills to reduce stressful responding, become calmer in challenging circumstances, and increase values-based actions; improve focus and clarity of mind; cultivate positivity, develop more skilful, balanced and flexible thinking towards challenges and self; and understand self-care for refueling.

Training Modules

Module 1 shown below teaches the key mindfulness skills and practices for work place resilience. These skills then form the foundation for subsequent mindful resiliency skills training provided in module 2. Typically these modules occur about 2 or 3 months apart. Module 3 is a refresher retreat that would typically occur about 1-year after completing modules 1 and 2. The modules outlined below can be modified to suit your organisational and employer needs with sufficient notice. Contact Mark for further information. 

Module 1:   Mindfulness Principles and Practices

  • 1-day workshop (6.5 hrs), or two half-day workshops 3.5 hrs each, or series of weekly seminars (2 hrs each).
  • Mindfulness principles and practices.
  • The benefits of mindfulness for work and life.
  • The stress response, burnout signs, and self-regulation.
  • The power of attention – notice, focus, and choose.
  • Savor the positive – broaden and build.
  • Cultivating balance and a new way of relating towards difficulties.
  • Option: additional weekly practice sessions can be arranged to deepen and consolidate skills.

Module 2:   Mindful Resiliency for Work

  • 1-day workshop (6.5 hrs) or two half-day workshops.
  • Review and further practice of mindfulness and positivity skills.
  • Mindful Resiliency – core knowledge, skills and practices.
  • Positivity toolkit for flourishing at work.
  • Additional workplace techniques and strategies to enhance performance.

Module 3:   Mindful Resiliency 1-Day Retreat

  • This is a retreat to refresh knowledge and polish skills, perhaps about 1-year after completing the previous modules.

Note: “Mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace in frantic world”, by Williams and Penman is key companion text to the above programs. It is a pre-requisite that attendees obtain their own copy of this text before attending. This book includes a free practice CD.